On the last day summer, 21 show cars cruised into the parking lot at Grace Bible Church. It was the perfect evening to catch up with old friends and to make some new ones as well. We appreciate the many from our community that enjoyed the cars and a free hot dog. We are planning two car shows next year, one in June and the other in September.

California Mission Trip 2013

Only in eternity will we know the impact made by 9 people serving the Lord in Roseville, California. 4 adults, 4 teens, one fourth grader walked miles and miles around the neighborhoods of Roseville for several days to spread the word that a new body of believers had been formed. Invitations were hung on gates and front doors with the prayer that those receiving them would come out to worship our great God with the group of believers at Faith Baptist Church. We were also able to do some landscaping for our host missionary, Nathan and Katrina Bate. We are so thankful for the support from our Grace Bible Church family to make this trip possible. We are also thankful for the prayers from our church family to make this a fruitful endeavor for the cause of Christ.

Mission trip bike-a-thon

15 children pedaling tirelessly, 38 wheels whirling around and around, 762 laps, countless calories burned, very successful.  After two weeks of inclement weather, the Truth Trackers were able to get their bike-a-thon completed on Wednesday, June 5.  The goal of the laps was to raise support for the California Mission Trip planning to help the Bate family as they plant Faith Baptist Church in Roseville, California.  Well done for all those pedaling, counting laps, and providing water, juice, and encouragement!


Wilds of NE missions trip

What a gorgeous day to serve The Lord outdoors! God gave us the opportunity to partner with the Wilds of New England in Deering, NH on Saturday, April 27.
The entire church was able to give half of the funds necessary to complete a new cabin. Marcus and Tony were able to add a deck to the front of the new cabin. Phil, Cuppy, Bob, Marilyn, Steve, Hudson, and Will worked tirelessly all day cutting and splitting many cords of firewood. Recreating the "Green Monstah" for the new whiffle-ball field was tackled by Craig and Pastor Jon. We are thankful for all those who gave of their time and finances to make this trip glorifying to God and furthering His work in New England!




Truth Trackers

Our boys and girls in Truth Trackers recently enjoyed a special birthday night and Bible character dress-up night. Here are some of the children enjoying their time together.

Ages 4 through grade 6


Progressive Dinner Adult Fellowship

On March 9th the GBC family enjoyed a time of fun, food and fellowship (these 3 always seem to go together :)  We met at the church and were given clues to figure out the various locations where we would find our appetizer, main course and dessert. Upon arrival at each location, we were greeted with a table full of food. The appetizers were enough for a full meal! The main course was a delicious spread that included grilled chicken and steak - the smells of summer! As we finished our meal, we were then spiritually fed through a time in God's Word. Our last clue led us back to our original destination - GBC. Our dessert of strawberry shortcake, was served as we played a round of Tic Tac Toe - an old game with a new twist that included some interesting challenges between the two teams.
Challenge: Musical Instrument Spelling Bee


Challenge: Constructing the tallest tower in 30 seconds!

Sharing some thoughts from Scripture.


Vacation Bible School

In August, Grace Bible Church held its annual Vacation Bible School, Incrediworld, culminating in a carnival on Thursday night at the church. Children enjoyed games, snacks, crafts and most importantly, lessons from the Bible that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Teens and young adults from the church volunteered to help out throughout the week. Vacation Bible School is always a good opportunity to invite children from outside the church who do not usually attend Grace. For some, it is their first exposure to the Gospel and any kind of church setting. This year's dates are Sunday, August 11th through Thursday, August 15th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. 


Some of the older kids on the course.

The first annual Grace Bible Church Bikathon was held in June, 2012. Children age 5 to 12 were split into two groups as folks from the church pledged money for each lap completed around a small course in the church parking lot. The money raised went to support the Grace Dental and Medical Mission. The kids were excited to be a part of this fundraiser and are looking forward to doing it again on May 22, 2013. 

Fellowship Lunches

Several times during the year our church family enjoys a meal together following our morning worship services.Often we have different menus for each lunch. Following lunch we have an early service where we sing and have another opportunity to hear God's Word. In the spring, summer and fall, a baptism service usually follows our lunch. This year's Fellowship Lunches are scheduled for the following Sundays: February 3rd; April 21st; June 30th; September 29th; November 24th (our special Giving Thanks lunch); December 29th.

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