Pastor Jon Fry

I had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home. I realized,  however, that I must personally turn from my sin and trust completely in  Christ. After salvation, God kept challenging my heart to serve the  Lord as a missionary. I am thrilled that God has allowed me to serve as  pastor in the beautiful mission field of New England since 2011. I love  being able to study God’s Word each day and then share what I learn with  the church.

I met my wife Joy while at Bible college. We have  been married since 2001 and have 4 fun-loving children. Joy is a  wonderful encouragement to me and to our family. She is very involved in  children’s ministry as well as music and ladies ministries. Playing  with our four children, attempting any kind of sport, and tackling home  improvement projects are things I enjoy doing with my time.

We  have a burden to see people saved, added to the church, and discipled to  be like Christ. We especially enjoy counseling and fellowshipping with  people in the church. Our prayer for those at Grace is that they would  know the Word of God and imitate the Son of God.

Bob Connolly, Elder

I came to know the Lord as my personal Savior when I was in my 30s.   Understanding clearly that I was a sinner, I was overwhelmed with the  thought that God would save me.  He lifted me out of the miry clay of my  life and set my feet on the Rock that is His Son.  I put my trust  completely in Jesus Christ and He graciously saved me from my sin.

As  an Elder at Grace, I serve as the Sunday School coordinator and assist  in administrative matters.  My wife, Marilyn, and I enjoy serving the  Lord together.  After all the Lord has done for us, we can do no less  than give Him our best and live for Him completely.

Jon Sparkman, Elder

I'm thrilled to serve as an elder at Grace Bible Church and I am  privileged to teach an adult Sunday School class.  My wife, Lisa, serves  on the Church's planning committee which plans and implements  activities for our Church body under the direction of the elders.  Our  heart's desire is to see faith in our God passed from one generation to  the next.

I was blessed to grow up in a pastor's home and have  heard God's truth taught ever since I can remember.  As a young boy, I  came to know pretty early that I was a sinner, and accepted Christ as my  Savior after a junior church class taught by my mom.  Lisa came to know  the Lord as a teenager on a camping trip sponsored by the Church.  We  met in college and got married in 1985 and have been at Grace Bible  Church ever since.  God has blessed us with four children and we loved  watching them grow up at Grace.  We are thankful for the "bonus" kids  that God has blessed us with - a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law - and  2 grandsons.